We’re Open For Business!

Per the Responsible Restart Ohio Guidelines CrossFit IPA will reopen our doors to train onsite on May 26th. 

Upon entering our facility, we will require that you perform proper hand hygeine at our sanitizer station. Members must travel immediately to a marked station upon entering our facility. There are 14 marked stations for members to select to perform the class workout for the day. Classes will be capped at 14 members with 1 coach. All equipment and area in each station will be cleaned after each use by individuals members under supervision by the coach. We require proper hand washing/hygeine after any use of our bathroom/shower facilities. No equipment/clothing will be allowed at our facility unless it is kept at the individual station in use by designated member OR you have purchased a cubby/bin. Coaches and owners will continue to perform high quality facility cleaning protocols that have previously been in place. At this time, we are not mandating coaching staff or members to wear masks. Gym members are welcome to wear protective equipment if they so choose. 

Please refer to video below for a walk through of the gym and new layout. 

Members will not be permitted to use community chalk buckets at this time. The gym owners have made Bison chalk balls available to members. These can be purchased to use and keep indefinitely for $7. Chalk balls CAN be shared between couples/family members but not friends. If you want to use chalk, you must purchase and/or bring your own. 

Please refer to video below for chalk info. These balls are awesome and will last forever! We have limited numbers of these. If interested in purchasing, please email Chelsea@crossfitipa. 

In order to attend class, you MUST reserve one of the 14 spots PRIOR to coming to class. This is done via our Wodify app either online or on your mobile device. Class reservations open 24 hours prior to the start of the desired class (i.e. 4:30pm Friday class reservation will open at 4:30 on Thursday). Once members are registered for class they will get an email confirmation. They may only register for one class a day. If the class is full, members can be put on a waitlist in the event that a reservation is cancelled by another member. 

Late arrivals will NOT be permitted at this time. In order to attend class, members need to arrive on time to class. Reservations will not be upheld if a member arrives more than 5 minutes late to class. Yes, we know life happens. However, with these new implementations, classes need to be extremely organized. Showing up late not only disrupts the coaches routine, but it affects the time and workout flow of 13 other members. Please, be on time to class. 

Please refer to the link below for an instructional video on how to register for class via Wodify on mobile app. 

Our class schedule is listed below. There are some changes, so please read thoroughly!


6:00a CrossFit 

7:15a CrossFit

9:30a CrossFit

12:15p CrossFit

4:30p CrossFit

5:45p CrossFit 


6:00a CrossFit

*8:00a Shred (Thursday)

9:30a CrossFit

*3:15p Shred (Tuesday)

4:30p CrossFit

5:45p CrossFit 

**Shred times subject to change based on Chelseas work schedule 


8:00a CrossFit 

9:15a CrossFit 

10:30a Yoga


10:00a CrossFit 

Implementing these rules may look a little different, but the message and intent is the same: have fun and do work! 

See you this week! 


Dave & Chels Ulmer 

Chelsea Ulmer

Chelsea Ulmer

CrossFit IPA Owner & Trainer, ER Trauma Nurse
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