Intensity vs. Technique

As a CrossFit coach, we constantly preach to gym members the importance of proper technique. You are doing highly skilled and sometimes heavy movements REALLY fast and not always in the most controlled setting. The push-back coaches receive from members is usually, “I want to get a good sweat/workout” or “I got tired and forgot about my form”.

Below is an article that articulates this idea a little better. But I encourage you to do some research yourselves and not just take my word!  There are many great resources on the World Wide Internet to educate yourself on exercise outside of the gym. Ask a coach and we can give you some trusted pros we recommend! Do no be afraid to perform the modifications while learning a movement. Proper progression is the key to strengthening the right muscles and learning technique needed for increasing your skills and abilities.

What people don’t realize is that proper form translates to success in the gym WAY faster than poor form and high intensity! If you’re moving well, you’re able to move better (i.e. faster b/c the movement doesn’t tax you as much), lift heavier, control your breathing and fire the correct muscles, thus preventing injury. This is so crucial! If your path to increasing physical fitness is plagued by injury, you need to recognize that this is not normal and address issues before they get worse. CrossFit, and fitness in general, should be something that increases your overall well-being, not put you on the sidelines.
Dave Ulmer

Dave Ulmer

CrossFit IPA, Owner & Trainer Certifications: CrossFit Level 2, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Kids
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