Pronut Recipe

Of course, I have been in the baking mood lately. I happened to be searching the interweb for a “healthy” donut recipe because I recently bought donut baking tins, haha. This is a great, simple recipe! Dave even approved of the pronut taste and texture. *Disclaimer: this is not a donut, lol. So unfortunately, it’s …

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Protein Muffins

Ingredients: 2C Kodiak Cake Mix 1C Stevia Baking Blend 2 Packages Sugar Free Jello Mix 1 tsp Baking Powder 3-5 Scoops Quest Protein Powder 1C Liquid Eggwhites 1C Fat Free Vanilla Greek Yogurt 4 Tbsp Butter (can sub applesauce) 1C Cashew Milk (unsweetened) Directions: Preheat oven to 350 Mix all dry ingredients Mix all wet …

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Chicken Orzo Soup

Happy Food Friday! It finally feels like fall (let’s hope this weather stays). Here is a tasty spin on chicken noodle soup. I rarely use anything other than my insta pot when cooking soups, but I followed a recipe and cooked everything (except the orzo) on the stovetop! I’m listing the recipe and posting my …

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Watermelon Summer Salad

Who doesn’t love Watermelon on a hot, summer day! This salad only has four ingredients and is incredibly refreshing. Ingredients: 1 Watermelon  Fat free or low fat feta cheese, crumbled Fresh mint Lime  1) Cut and dice watermelon2) Add feta & chopped mint3) Zest and juice from lime, season with a little pepper *No specific …

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