2020.1.16 CROSSFIT

CrossFit IPA – CrossFit

Metcon (No Measure)


3 sets:

50 Jump rope

100′ kareoke

10 air squats

3 sets:

2 wall walks

10 bar kips

50′ walking lunge

Saved by the Pull-ups (Time)

6 rounds for time:

25/20 Cal Bike

200’ farmer carry

50′ Plate push

12 pull-ups
Rx+ Peter, Bill, Rick…you know 💪

7 Minute ABs – workout A (No Measure)

2 rounds. 30 seconds each.

-Plank knees to same elbow

-Opposite elbow/knee crunch (R)

-Opposite elbow/knee crunch (L)

-Leg lifts

-iso crunch with arm flutter

-Russian twist

-Heel touches



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